What Is Going On At Twitter?

This month, Elon Musk created a huge dumpster fire at Twitter. Musk –who tried to back out of the deal in July– was legally forced to go through with the 44 billion dollar acquisition of the social media giant. What followed has been absolutely nuts. Grab some popcorn, let’s take you through what’s going onContinue reading “What Is Going On At Twitter?”

My Company took us on a Children’s Pirate Ship — This is how it went

my inner child was here for all of it My company took us on a Children’s Theatre Pirate ship in Toronto. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. But you know what? I’m happy I did. Because children’s theatre as an adult is very much the vibe. Not convinced? Oh, you will be. ItContinue reading “My Company took us on a Children’s Pirate Ship — This is how it went”

Sweet N’ Nice Ice Cream Launches in Walmart Canada

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Neale's Sweet N Nice Ice Cream (@sweetnniceicecream) //www.instagram.com/embed.js We are so pleased to report that Neale’s Sweet N’ Nice Ice Cream is officially launched across Walmart Canada! Founded in the 1940s by Charles A. Neale, this sweet story begins in Trinidad & Tobago. Featuring homemade iceContinue reading “Sweet N’ Nice Ice Cream Launches in Walmart Canada”

Are Reels actually important for my business?

Nowadays, it’s becoming easier and easier to get lost in the seemingly endless sea of content, new trends and apps that dominate the collective consciousness. And while apps like Twitter, Vine and Facebook have all seen their hayday come and go, Instagram has been able to cleverly morph itself into whatever the consumer base needsContinue reading “Are Reels actually important for my business?”

The Vibe Launches Second Location in Barrie Ontario

Introducing The Vibe, a very drool-worthy burger joint located in Barrie ON. Known for their signature milkshakes and donuts, they also have a very mean burger. Try the impossible burger, it’s delicious (and vegan!) Would you try this? We are proudly managing social media for food & beverage brands & restaurants, just like our clientContinue reading “The Vibe Launches Second Location in Barrie Ontario”

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram’s NEW Creator Marketplace

Amongst a plethora of new tools for creators, Instagram is introducing a creator marketplace to help match brands with established and emerging influencers who would be perfect matches for their product. Just like the TikTok Creator Marketplace, the Instagram tool will be the first attempt by Instagram to formally enter the influencer-brand collaboration space.  TheContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Instagram’s NEW Creator Marketplace”

Instagram Reintroduces Likes

In an effort to promote user wellbeing, Instagram removed the ability to view the total amount of “likes” on other users’ posts in 2019. Recently, some users have received this message, announcing that users may now choose whether or not they want to view total “like” counts. For years, users have debated about whether orContinue reading “Instagram Reintroduces Likes”

Here’s Why You Need To Use Instagram New Auto Captions

Following behind sites such as Zoom, Twitter spaces, and TikTok, Instagram has now added auto-captioning as a tool on the platform.  In the age of the minute video (ie; TikToks and Reels), Closed Captions are very important. 85% of videos on Facebook and Instagram timelines are watched without sounds. Without captions, audiences may scroll pastContinue reading “Here’s Why You Need To Use Instagram New Auto Captions”

Use these 3 Simple Facets to Develop Your Social Media Strategy

What is social media optimization? Optimization refers to the process of reviewing, analyzing, auditing, and making adjustments to your social media strategy to be inline with the best practice and standards. It’s not always as technical as it sounds. Here are three tips to develop your social media strategy.  Brand Alignment Firstly, you need toContinue reading “Use these 3 Simple Facets to Develop Your Social Media Strategy”

Creating Memorable Instagram Stories 

Stories are the quickest way to daily engage with your followers and provide updates. They’re low-commitment, as they only stay on your feed for a maximum of 24 hours, unless you highlight them. However, the feel and design of your stories is equally important to crafting your brand identity as posts on your grid. HereContinue reading “Creating Memorable Instagram Stories “