Reels Vs. TikTok – How Do They Compare?

Instagram had impeccable timing by launching Reels in early August. Trump threatening to ban TikTok sent millions of content creators into a frenzy, and Instagram was (once again) in a position to absorb the users of another social media platform by launching new features. It was a complete wasted effort. What success Instagram could haveContinue reading “Reels Vs. TikTok – How Do They Compare?”

Kelly Samuel Launches Let’s Snack Toronto

Introducing, Let’s Snack Toronto. We’re a boutique food & beverage agency with 10+ years of experience in content creation, strategy, and execution. We play with food. Founded by Kelly Samuel, this is the second social media agency she has launched in Toronto ON. She specializes in creative food marketing strategy, content strategy, and of courseContinue reading “Kelly Samuel Launches Let’s Snack Toronto”

How Will The TikTok Ban in the US effect Canada?

Trump has recently agreed to give ByteDance (The parent company of TikTok) 45 days to negotiate a sale with Microsoft. According to Global News, this comes after Trump’s statement on Friday that he was planning to ban TikTok in the United States, and dismissed the idea of sale to Microsoft. So what does this meanContinue reading “How Will The TikTok Ban in the US effect Canada?”

Instagram to launch their version of TikTok called Reels

It’s confirmed! Instagram will be launching its TikTok competitor, known as Reels, in the U.S come August. This type of short-form, creative content is coming right after a ban of TikTok in India, and talk of a ban in the U.S due to privacy concerns. Instagram very successful domineered a similar move with Snapchat withContinue reading “Instagram to launch their version of TikTok called Reels”

G Suite Rebrands Failed Google + App as Currents

We all remember Google+, G Suite’s attempt at a social networking platform. After it tried and failed to launch last year, it seems they have brought it back from the dead under a new moniker – Currents. This time, aiming a bit lower, Currents is meant to be a platform for business to employee, insteadContinue reading “G Suite Rebrands Failed Google + App as Currents”

Facebook Launches Small Business Grant Program Available to Canadians

Facebook launched a small business grant program a few weeks ago, but only residents of the United States were eligible. As of today, Canadians can apply if they own a small business with 2-50 employees, have been in business for over a year, have experienced challenges due to COVID, and are in a location whereContinue reading “Facebook Launches Small Business Grant Program Available to Canadians”

New Instagram and Facebook Features to Help Local Businesses Cope with COVID-19

Facebook recently launched a “Support Small Business” sticker on Instagram and a #SupportSmallBusiness hashtag on the Facebook app to let people show their love for their local small businesses. Creators on Facebook can also use the new “in support of” tag, which does the same thing. When people use the Support Small Business sticker on Instagram, theirContinue reading “New Instagram and Facebook Features to Help Local Businesses Cope with COVID-19”

COVID Business Help: How to add a gift card button to your Instagram Profile

Hi everyone! I hope you had some downtime this weekend.I’ll keep it brief. Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows you to offer gift cards directly on your business profile. You can also use specific stickers on Stories to become a direct purchase button.This update is great – it allows you to recover someContinue reading “COVID Business Help: How to add a gift card button to your Instagram Profile”