What Is Going On At Twitter?

This month, Elon Musk created a huge dumpster fire at Twitter. Musk –who tried to back out of the deal in July– was legally forced to go through with the 44 billion dollar acquisition of the social media giant. What followed has been absolutely nuts. Grab some popcorn, let’s take you through what’s going onContinue reading “What Is Going On At Twitter?”

The Food Trends That Made 2020

2020 was such a year. But, thanks to food TikToks and Reels, trying new food trends was a highlight for a lot of us while we had ample time at home. From March to December, we got more creative and innovative in the kitchen. From Onion-Cake to Banana bread, these are our favourite food trendsContinue reading “The Food Trends That Made 2020”