Are Reels actually important for my business?

Nowadays, it’s becoming easier and easier to get lost in the seemingly endless sea of content, new trends and apps that dominate the collective consciousness. And while apps like Twitter, Vine and Facebook have all seen their hayday come and go, Instagram has been able to cleverly morph itself into whatever the consumer base needs it to be. Except for IGTV, we don’t talk about IGTV. When Snapchat introduced stories, Instagram ran with the idea. The same could be said for going live, puppy filters and now most of all, Reels.

It’s no secret that Tik Tok is the star of the show nowadays. The app that, through precise design and a mysterious, unknowable algorithm has found a place for everyone. Book Tok. Knitting Tok. Even Personal Finance.. Tok. It makes perfect sense that in a decade that started with everyone alone and on their phones, the app that best connected people to those with familiar interests dominated the culture.

So, of course Instagram launched an identical platform shortly after, and have made changes to prioritize short form video content within their algorithim.

Lack of innovation aside, Instagram’s reel platform has been adopted seamlessly by its user base and has arguably become the dominant feature of the platform, and for good reason. Generally, engagement on Reels is higher than that of regular posts, and the ability to reply to comments with more video content can provide a much more meaningful connection to fans.  Reels are a way of showcasing a brand’s personality through a medium that’s proven to be highly effective and quite frankly, addicting. Highlighting the things that set businesses apart and show that they’re genuine is what brings customers back.

Instagram Reels are here to stay. While the barrier to entry may seem daunting to those without much tech experience, tutorials on Youtube and trial and error can bring one up to speed in no time. 

Does your business need a hand with Reels, TikTok and social media? Contact us to chat about how we can help.

We are your Toronto social media agency experts, after all.

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