My Company took us on a Children’s Pirate Ship — This is how it went

my inner child was here for all of it

My company took us on a Children’s Theatre Pirate ship in Toronto. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. But you know what? I’m happy I did. Because children’s theatre as an adult is very much the vibe. Not convinced? Oh, you will be.

us making TikToks–what’s new?

It was a *really* hot July afternoon in Toronto, and the perfect weather to enjoy a day on the lake. But first, lunch (would we be Let’s Snack TO without snacks?). Myself and seven of my coworkers enjoyed a tasty lunch of veggie burgers, pizzas, and fries galore at Roses New York, where we chatted everything from the latest Kardashian drama to our fave allergy-friendly snacks (hello, Nudfud).

With our bellies full and our sunscreen fully prepped, we headed to Harbourfront where we were met with a host of characters from Pirate Life, the children’s theatre boat we booked for our company event.

Let’s pause here for a second. If you’re wondering why we went to children’s theatre, there are two answers. 1) because why not? and 2) because it is hilarious. the best kind of silly and weird. An excellent way to spend a sunny Toronto afternoon.

We spent the day enjoying the waves, snapping content for TikTok, and singing and dancing along to the experience. It was silly, amusing, and totally unconventional.

Moral of the story? Children’s theatre makes for immersive and memorable company bonding. Death to boring corporate culture. We want to splash villainous pirates with water tanks.

Thanks to Pirate Life Theatre for allowing us to partake in this experience!

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