These are our core values – our modus operandi.

Affect Real Change

We’ve donated $25,000+ in time & complimentary social media services to small businesses & budding entrepreneurs during the pandemic. Supporting our community is always top of mind, especially BIPOC led businesses.

Radical Candor

Based on the methods learned from Kim Scott’s management principles, we will always be honest with you. Even if it means we don’t get your business, or it’s less money in our pocket.

Our Founder

Meet Kelly Samuel, founder of Let’s Snack Toronto. Kelly is a seasoned social media marketer, working in this space since before the monetization of Facebook in 2007.
She has founded two different social media agencies, & is a proud member of the Forbes Agency Council. She has been interviewed by Global News on Social Media and Ethics, and has given expert opinion for the Globe and Mail, CTV News, and more. She writes for Forbes on marketing, and has been featured in a number of different social media articles. Kelly is a professor of Social Media at Fanshawe College, and is the author of Double Tap: Social Media 101. Kelly mentors a wide variety of young professionals and budding entrepreneurs.

Make Cool Sh*t

Marketing is supposed to be entertaining. We are constantly pushing the limits to our creativity and our skillsets. This means embracing bad ideas and pushing boundaries. We’re motivated by creating cool sh*t. Let us breathe life back into your social media marketing.

Representation For All

Marketing matters. The faces that are used in marketing for brands has real-life implications on the wellbeing of everyone around. We want to make sure that everyone sees themselves represented in the media, from different skin tones, different gender identities and expressions, and more. Marketing agencies in Toronto have historically looked a certain way for a really long time, and all models, actors, talent happened to follow suit. We want marketing to look more like the real world.