Boutique Toronto Social Media Agency for Food & Beverage.

Social Media Marketing Management

We are a food and beverage social media agency with over 10 years of experience in strategy, content creation, conceptualization and execution. We can offer you high-level strategy and brainstorming, that have a direct correlation to your business’ success. We’re not another traditional marketing firm turned digital – we have always been, and always will be, social media first. This means no unnecessary overhead gets transferred to our clients’ pricing, and it means that yes, we actually know how to grow your Instagram. We are a small but mighty team located in Toronto ON. To keep our quality superb and our team motivated, we only elect to work with specific brands that really love what they do. If you’re interested. shoot us an email and we would love to get the conversation started.

Content Creation

We offer in-house content creation: from professional photography to GIFs, cinemagraphs, commercial videos and more – we can do it.

Social Media Services Toronto

We know that trusting a company with your social media marketing is really, really important. We focus on facilitating a seamless extension of your company’s brand to your online presence. We’re apart of your team.

Influencer Marketing

We conceptualize and manage creative Canadian influencer campaigns for food and beverage brands, making sure your product is seen by all of the right people.

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Food & Beverage Social Media Agency. We play with food.

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