The Food Trends That Made 2020

2020 was such a year. But, thanks to food TikToks and Reels, trying new food trends was a highlight for a lot of us while we had ample time at home. From March to December, we got more creative and innovative in the kitchen. From Onion-Cake to Banana bread, these are our favourite food trends of 2020. How many have you tried? 

  1. Dalgona Coffee
From Giadzy

Dalgona coffee, known commonly on TikTok as whipped coffee, will go down in history as the first viral food trend of the pandemic. The recipe involves whipping instant coffee with sugar and hot water until it gets a fluffy texture, poured over some milk it sure makes for one unique drink!

  1. Banana Bread
From Smitten Kitchen

Remember the warm, sweet smell of baked banana bread distracting us from the chaos of 2020? Days of waiting for your bananas to ripen so you could try out all the variations TikTok made available to us? This is definitely one of the less outrageous food trends of 2020, but magnificent, nonetheless. 

  1. Pickling and Preserving 
From The Kitchn

Onions, cucumbers (literal pickles!), beets, peppers, carrots, onions! We pickled everything! 

  1. Hyperrealistic Cake
From Firstclasse (it’s cake!)

This one was a doozy. Is that a carton of eggs, or is it cake? Is that a burger, or is it cake? Is that a human, or is it cake? From Twitter and Youtube to Instagram and TikTok every image we saw between April and May 2020 we had to ask ourselves, is it cake? 

  1. Hot Chocolate Bombs 
From The Kitchn

Hot chocolate bombs were the food trend of Winter 2020. Warm milk and a huge ball of milk chocolate, marshmallow goodness? Yes, please!

What was your favourite food trend of 2020? Want to learn more about using social media as a tool for your food and snack business? Let’s Snack Toronto is a full-service social media agency that can help you get cooking. 

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