Here’s Why You Need To Use Instagram New Auto Captions

Following behind sites such as Zoom, Twitter spaces, and TikTok, Instagram has now added auto-captioning as a tool on the platform. 

In the age of the minute video (ie; TikToks and Reels), Closed Captions are very important. 85% of videos on Facebook and Instagram timelines are watched without sounds. Without captions, audiences may scroll past and you may lose out on a chunk of potential viewers. Importantly, closed captions allow accessible viewing for Deaf followers or followers with hearing impairments. 

Recently, Instagram added an auto-captioning tool to make captioning for your stories and reels easier. Below is your guide to using the new tool. 

1. Upload or record your story or reel 

2. Click on the sticker icon 

3. Choose the “Captions” tag and wait for them to autogenerate 

4. Select your choice colour and font for the story

For now, captions are only available in English. Because auto-captioning is far from an exact science, users can adjust and edit individual words, spelling, and grammar with this tool. While users cannot highlight text for better contrast (yet!) you can colour or place a sticker behind the captions to make them easier to see.

Making your social media as accessible and barrier-free as possible is essential. Beyond the auto-captioning feature, brands should always make a concerted effort to ensure their content is inclusive to viewers. When using these captions, be aware of colour contrast, font sizes, and caption accuracy to ensure the best results. 

And that’s it! Want some more insight on how to use Instagram Reels as a tool for your food and snack business? Let’s Snack Toronto is a full-service social media agency that can help you get cooking on ways to increase your social engagement and accessibility, create beautiful and inspiring content, and build your digital presence. 

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