Three Tips to Elevate your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is the wave of now and the future. There are literally billions of users cycling the cybersphere daily. Every brand, small and giant, is looking to expand their reach and elevate their brand by executing the perfect social media strategy. To do this, you have to consider three key elements in designing your social strategy.

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  • Learn your target audience

Social media content strategies must be focused and directed. Take a look at your product audience. Is it women 18-24, college students, or new parents? Get to know your audience and design your social media to match the uses of your audience. Understanding your audience will help you figure out what platforms to be on (maybe not TikTok for an audience of older moms).

  • Be picky with your platform

For some reason, brands tend to think that they must be on every social media platform. Do you know what matters more than the platforms you’re on? The ability to maximize your reach and connect with your audience. Maybe, for your brand, TikTok is the best for that, or maybe Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes it’s not worth diverting energy into platforms that don’t provide you with the best tools to maximize your impact. Research your demographic and the areas of the internet they spend the most time on. Listen to that data and optimize your content to match that platform. Wherever you are online, focus on being important and relevant. Quality over quantity.  

  • Use. Emojis. 

Social media is a unique platform, unlike bus shelter ads or tv commercials. Social media is about finding a way to connect with your audience in a humanizing, natural way. Never before has there been more access to brands and influencers than there is in 2021. As such. Nothing is worse than a stiff, dehumanized social media presence. It’s important to relate to your audience. After all, emojis help us to understand tone and intent. They help the audience feel like they’re connecting to a human on the other end of a screen and not just a digitalized, automated logarithm. 

And that’s it. Three simple ways to elevate your digital presence, connect with your audience, and maximize your digital marketing. Need more help building your food and snack brand online? Let’s Snack can help you get cooking on ways to increase your engagement and build your digital presence.

Instagram is an essential tool to building a brand in 2021. Beyond followers and views, consistent engagement is necessary to build a brand identity and an audience that sticks. We’ve got four simple tools to help you reap the benefits of increased engagement. 

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