How to Have Superior Customer Service on Social Media

In today’s virtual era, the definition of customer service has changed. Customer service is no longer about just resolving complaints and providing instructions. Now, brands should be looking to enhance their customer relationships and build their brand reputation through customer service on social media. Your customers will find you where you are most available. When they do, it’s important to have a consistent, well executed plan for customer service online. 

  1. Always Respond

Never leave your customers hanging. Be sure to respond to all queries, big or small. Even if the information is readily available on your website or plastered about your social media pages, gently and respectfully direct your patrons in the direction of the information they require.

  1. Respond Quickly

Timeliness is essential. Try to respond to your customers within 24 hours on weekdays, and respond to weekend requests by the end of the nearest business day. Customers will feel ignored, and potentially disrespected, if they pay you a compliment or administer a complaint and don’t receive a response. Try to reply to as many comments and messages as you can. Importantly, remember to apologize for late responses if something happens to slip through the cracks. Remember, timeliness is a form of respect, and respect is paramount to good customer relationships.

  1. Respond Privately 

Have you ever opened your brands social media account to discover long, public threads detailing a customer’s complaints? Or comments left publicly on your Instagram or TikTok account? Unsure how to respond? Try bringing that conversation into Direct Messages. DMs are the appropriate place to hash out customer complaints or request feedback, as to not sensationalize the issue or do any further damage to your brand’s image. Often, a considerate and honest response or apology is enough to soothe the situation without escalating it.

  1. Watch Your Tone

Sometimes you have to laugh off rude customer inquiries. They happen! But remember what we said about being gentle and respectful? Always keeping mind that you are responding to customers as the brand. Remaining courteous and professional can help deescalate situations and preserve the relationship with your customers. 

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