Easy ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Easy ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is an essential tool to building a brand in 2021. Beyond followers and views, consistent engagement is necessary to build a brand identity and an audience that sticks. We’ve got four simple tools to help you reap the benefits of increased engagement. 

What is engagement?

Engagement is the number of comments, shares, likes, saves, click-throughs that your posts receive. It can also refer to how many people use your brand hashtags or send you DMs. Basically, it’s anytime your followers actively participate with your brand content. 

How to Increase Engagement for Your Brand

  1. Share Beautiful Pictures

Instagram is all about the aesthetic. Be it bright and fun, clean and muted, dark and luxurious, pick an aesthetic and execute it well. Splurge on high-quality images and a unique brand guideline will make your content more visually attractive and fun to consume. 

  1. Post Videos

There are so many ways to share videos on Instagram for a reason. People LOVE video content. From stories to reels and IGTV, integrating short form and (semi) long-form video content into your social media is a surefire way to engage your audience and build 

2. Ask Questions

Just like there are many ways to share video, there are so many ways to ask your audience questions. A great way to increase comments on your posts is to use your caption to ask your followers a question. Instagram story tools like polls (and the literal “questions” tab) are great ways to increase engagement with your stories and in your DMs. Bonus points for building your community by learning more about who they are and what they think

3. Create Topical Content

Paying attention to what’s happening in popular culture will go a long way toward increasing your engagement. While the conversation is already happening, find creative ways to sneak your brand into the conversation. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a comical relationship between Bernie’s cold weather mitts and your sustainable hot cocoa brand.

So there you have it. Four simple ways to engage your Instagram audience, build an online community and elevate your brand experience. Need more help building your food and snack brand online? Let’s Snack can help you get cooking on ways to increase your engagement and build your digital presence. 

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