Why is Instagram posting to my personal Facebook account and how do I fix it?

As Meta continues to roll out integrated products between Facebook and Instagram, we have started to notice a new issue for any users who manage social media on behalf of a business or a brand. The simple action of posting from Instagram to a Facebook page now happens within the Account Center, which is a huge pain tbh. Someone who previously logged into to IG and connected the FB page (Person A) would continue to be able to post to that page from IG, but as soon as someone new logs in (Person B), the only option that new person will have is to share to Person A’s personal facebook account, not the Facebook page. If you are Person A, here’s what do to if posts from a brand’s IG have been posting to your personal Facebook account and you would like to disconnect them from a brand’s IG account.

  1. Login to your personal Facebook profile on desktop.
  2. Click Settings & privacy
  3. Click Account Center on the lefthand side

4. Click “Accounts” on the lefthand side

5. Click on the brand’s IG account and hit “remove”

That’s it! Let us know if this was helpful in the comments.

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