What is BeReal and why is it important?

Over the last few years we’ve seen some pretty major changes for social media apps – Instagram went unchallenged as the only real social media app to launch from 2010 until 2020. Since then we’ve seen TikTok rise to fame, and now BeReal. This social media app is known for being “anti-Instagram” and boasts 10 million active users a day. So what is it?

BeReal is a candid photo app that prompts users to post one photo each day, using both front and back cameras. The notification might come through at 2PM, the next day it might be 10AM. Users have 2 minutes to post a BeReal wherever they are, without the use of filters or being able to upload. This means content is raw, candid, and cannot be batched or really planned in any way. You can always post later, but “posted late” will literally appear on the image. The app even will show how many times you needed to retake the photo. In an age where Instagram ran unchecked for so many years, it’s clear that GenZ wants more authenticity than the polished “doing-it-for-the-gram” mentality of the 2010s.

In order to see content, you must actually share content. This means that it’s a highly engaged group of individuals using this space – with no area for simply “liking” photos. You can comment or react with a selfy, but all of the low-stakes forms of engagement are completely missing from this platform.

What do you think, would you try it?

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