Kelly Samuel Launches Let’s Snack Toronto

Introducing, Let’s Snack Toronto. We’re a boutique food & beverage agency with 10+ years of experience in content creation, strategy, and execution. We play with food.

Founded by Kelly Samuel, this is the second social media agency she has launched in Toronto ON. She specializes in creative food marketing strategy, content strategy, and of course taste-testing. In order to keep the freshest content for our clients as possible, we are not always available for new work. We work with highly specific food and beverage brands that are delicious, made well, and in line with our own core values. We opt to work with brands that embrace diversity, value sustainability, and care about their communities.

In terms of what we offer, we completely overhaul your social media strategy. We start with a branding session where we define your core values, establish your brand voice and persona, and ensure that your social media brand matches your larger marketing brand. We show you all sorts of different content styles, and let you select the ones you like the most. Once we have your branding session on lock, we spend some time fine-tuning it, as this document will be used as a holy grain for all of your future content.

Then, we get cooking. We conceptualize, style, shoot, edit, post, monitor and analyze everything in house. You can talk to your content creator. You can ask your Facebook ad specialist questions. We value full transparency, because no one likes being sold by a senior person, and being passed off to a junior person with no experience.

Once every 3 weeks or so, Let’s Snack Toronto launches a new table on Instagram, complete with new creative food ideas and brands that we’re really liking right now. If you want to get your brand featured on the table, or if you want to talk about future opportunities to work together, send us a message or give us a call. We’re always happy to chat over a snack.


Let’s Snack Toronto

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