TikTok Management for Food & Beverage Brands

We offer comprehensive TikTok management for food and beverage brands. This starts with a casual branding session, so we can understand how we fit TikTok into your larger marketing strategy. As a very new platform, this space is very much pre-monetization and pre-saturation. We work hard to grow your account quickly with trends and a host for your brand, while tying in your brand values. First, which core values can be translated to this space? This will determine our community pillars for non trend related posts. Next, we determine your content strategy – what’s the personality of the account? What’s the ideal look & person to be the face of your brand? Your host is an actor or actress who receives instruction and scripts from your TikTok strategist.


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Once your set-up is complete, TikTok approval occurs in a weekly calendar, in order to keep as relevant as possible. Unlike other platforms, growth can happen fast here because the platform is so incredibly new. We grew one of our food accounts to 100K in just 5 months!

Are you ready to discuss your social media needs? Send us a message! We do not accept every client that wants to work with us. In order to keep our team small, mighty and motivated, we opt to work with brands that are aligned with us. If you think that’s you, let’s chat!

Community Pillars

What are your community pillars? Your community pillars (or content pillars) should be in line with your core values, and attract different core demographics. Each brand should have 1-2 community pillars for TikTok. At the beginning, trends are significantly more important.

TikTok Hosts

You can pick the face for your TikTok account. We have a variety of hosts to choose from to make sure they perfectly fit your desired brand personality.

Aggressive Growth

We know and understand the importance of the TikTok algorithm and going viral. We manage your account like our own to obtain fast, aggressive growth.

TikTok Strategy As Seen in Menu Magazine by Restaurants Canada