Instagram Management for Food & Beverage

We offer comprehensive Instagram management for food and beverage brands. This starts with a branding session, to align your larger marketing strategy with your social strategy. We determine what core values of your brand translate to which community pillars for your social media. This will determine the category of posts that go out on a regular basis. Next, we determine your content strategy – what kind of photography, graphics, videos or GIFS will be creating on a regular basis? Next, our aesthetic strategy. Will we be looking at Instagram posts on a grid, or individual basis? What colour scheme will be using? What style of imagery do we like best, clean and muted tones or colourful and high contrast shots? We present you a myriad of different styles to look at, and you select the ones that best suit your vision for your brand.

Once your set-up is complete, we move to content creation. Images, GIFS, graphics or videos are shot by your content creators and sent to you for approval in a monthly content calendar, complete with your social copy and pillars. Once reviewed and approved, We start executing and monitoring your social media. But don’t forget about relevant pop-culture related posts – sometimes you just need to fit in something cool last-minute.

Are you ready to discuss your social media needs? Send us a message! We do not accept every client that wants to work with us. In order to keep our team small, mighty and motivated, we opt to work with brands that are aligned with us. If you think that’s you, let’s chat!

Community Pillars

What are your community pillars? Your community pillars (or content pillars) should be in line with your core values, and attract different core demographics. Each brand should have 3-6 community pillars.

Content Strategy

Your content strategy involves the kind of content we are putting out. Are we creating regular looping GIFS? Short video content? Flat lays? Are we creating 9 Grids? Check our IG for an example of a 9 Grid Strategy.

Aesthetic Strategy

What’s the look and feel of your Instagram? Pick a style, tone, colour scheme and more.

Established social channels, a reporting structure, and provided tangible analysis for a national dairy products co-operative. It took our marketing to the next level.
– Amanda S.

Social Media for the Food & Beverage Industry